Surviving Your Summer Fling(s)

Summer is almost in full swing; the temperature is rising, the clothes are revealing more skin (JACKPOT!), and our hormones are craving some hot loving. Summer is prime time for you to have that specificsomeone(s)who keeps those long days entertaining. It is the perfect few months of the year where you can meet someone new or spark something with someone you know that never really saw you that way.

If you decide to meet a complete strangers, you’re already a few steps ahead. Those rumors about you having a chode or you throwing up in some Frat guy’s room in the middle ofthe day are not in the equation. You can start fresh. Be proud of the school you go to and make a good impression with this stranger. Try to find someone who is also a college student, he or she doesn’t have to be from the same school but college is a very relevant and strong conversation topic. It’ll be even better if he or she goes to a rival school, the combination of competitiveness, pride, and tease is a potent aphrodisiac. Keep it casual; see them every now and then, couple times a week doesn’t send off wrong signals. Always use a condom; Summer flings can be a little grimy (no offense).

Onthe other hand, if you decide to have a fling with someone from your own school that you know, there are plenty advantages to this as well. Summer, to you, is like the first time you heard Stereo Love at a party. It’s been around since 2009 but it doesn’t matter that you didn’t know of it cause it was still sex in ears. My point is, you can make something of nothing. Lets say hypothetically you’re a GDI and the girl you’re into is a sorority star. She probably has more friends than you have songs on your iPod. All you have to your name are a couple good grades and, maybe, you held the door for her one day (she didn’t notice though). You’ve been SO under the radar, that you have every chance to make a new (lasting) impression. Be yourself! Be different than the guys she’s been with because summer is that time where she’ll be willing to try something new out. She won’t have her friends telling her that you’re not good enough because you have “Social Suicide” stamped on your forehead. Unfortunately when school starts again, “reality” (so they say) may start to take her away from you but you know what, that’s perfectly okay with you because you had a sick summer.

Lastly, try not to get attached to your summer fling! You want to wake up saying, and I quote with Leslie Chow’s accent, “We had a sick night bitches!” When Fall semester comes around, say hi to them when they walk pass you on the quad, meet their friends, and keep it friendly. If you feel like that your time together during the summer was unbelievable and your falling for them, it was probably the shit load of free time and the gorgeous weather that made it feel that way. But hey, anything can happen, you never know. So grab Summer 2011 by the nuts and have fun with it.

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