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Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY

Syracuse University is easily one of the best party schools in the country, even with all the snow trying to cover the party scene. Students at SU have their pick of parties on an almost nightly basis. There is always, at least, a small crowd at the local bars every night of the week. Usually, if you don’t have an early class the next day it’s easy to convince your friends to come out for a “little while.” The Greeks on campus throw huge parties when they want to celebrate/show-off their houses. House parties are also a staple of this campus. Just be wary about heading to a party too late, there is strict adherence to a proper ratio of guys to girls at parties. The women at SU are very attractive, and TROOPERS to boot; where else do you see women walking in a sexy outfit while ignoring the fact that their campus is starting to look like a snow globe?

<p style=”text-align: center”>Since the campus is split into regional sections, you can figure out where to party based on on which direction you feel like traveling. Will it be North, to go scheme on freshmen? South, to hang out at random apartments to pregame? East campus…where most of the house parties take place, is always a good bet. If not any of these, you can head down to the bars at Marshall Street; once you get passed the massive line that’s sure to have formed. However, the drink specials inside are pretty awesome and there are a bunch of bars to choose from. The Football team at Syracuse has steadily imporved recently, and the Basketball team is always entertaining. The intensity of now being in the ACC is sure to increase the appreciation of each win the basketball team collects.

<p style=”text-align: center”>Mascot: Otto Orange

Party Grade: A+

Undergrads: 14,798

Guys: 43%

Girls: 57%

Greek Life at Syracuse: Yes there is a large Greek presence on campus. You can see people wearing their letters all around campus, and many places off-campus.

Bars/Hangouts at Syracuse:




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