Taco Bell Ends Beef Rumors With ‘It’s A Secret’

Every time that I’m drunk, I get the urge to eat some Taco Bell. The only problem is that people I’m with always have two different reactions to the idea, either they love Taco Bell and want to go immediately or they think it’s disgusting and come up with some rumor they heard about what the beef is made with. After years of drunkenly crushing Taco Bell food at strange hours, blindly defending it because it’s delicious, and wondering what part of the rumors that it’s not beef were true, stoners everywhere got their answer! Taco Bell, finally, launched a page on their website that explains what’s actually in their food.

The big reveal? 12 per cent of Taco Bell’s beef that isn’t really beef!

But don’t worry, it isn’t dog food ‘Each ingredient helps make our Seasoned Beef taste great. Many of them are items you might use at home such as salt, peppers, and spices. Ingredients like oats and sodium phosphates help make sure the texture is right.”

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