Teacher Arrested for Sleeping with Three Students…One Night

Meet Ellen Niemiec, a 29 year old teacher at Cross High school in South Carolina. She’s not just any teacher though, she’s one of those special teachers that checks on students at home. What’s special about her, is that when she checks on her students, there’s a chance that she’s going to sleep with them. Well just three of them…but on the same night!

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She turned herself in on Thursday, after being accused of sleeping with three of her students, separately, in the same night. Supposedly, she did so at a house party last month. According to Mike Bosnak, the attorney representing the students involved, the relationship started in the usual fashion, “It started with dirty talk, then they were texting. She was texting nude pictures and that kind of stuff. Then just from there, it just went on.” He also stressed that there were multiple acts, she slept with the students separately, “Some of it took place at the school. She also was picking one of them up in the morning and had sex with him in the morning and then in the afternoon.”

I wonder, who told the authorities that this happened? It’s not like Ms. Niemiec is a looker, I mean, would you tell your friends that you’re regularly sleeping with HER? Maybe after college or at a drunk reunion, but not while her gross smirk is fresh in your memory. Eww.

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