The 10 Vodkas You’ll Learn to Love & Hate in College

In college, especially in the beginning, you’re just about willing to drink anything. Being underage also contributes to this cause, as beggars cannot be choosers. Although, depending on your weapon of choice, your insides might start to hate you after awhile and will reject anything you guzzle – even the good stuff. Then you’ll become one of those snooty post-grads who insist that they can only drink Grey Goose or Ketel One when going out.

But hey! You’re in college now, so let’s not burst your bubble too soon, shall we? Below is a list of the vodkas you will learn to become acquainted with as a student, each holding a different place in your heart throughout your college career. However, there’s a good chance you’ll stop drinking half of the items on this list by the time you reach junior year.

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Svedka: The most tolerable tasting cheap vodka there is. People seem to have no problem taking shots of this Russian import. Buy a handle of Svedka for the weekend, and you’re good to go.


Popov: The vodka that’s usually used for jungle juice at frat parties. The only way you’ll be able to tell is from your hangover the next morning.


Smirnoff: A college staple. Most people will choose this vodka for pregaming, and it will definitely be visible at just about every college party you go to.


Georgi: Drinking Georgi is almost equivalent to drinking bleach. It burns so bad that it immediately hits you after a few gulps. Making funny faces is a guarantee.

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