The Drunk Text | PART 2 :When Drunk Texting Goes Bad…

So for those of you who regularly read College Party University, you might remember a post that I wrote a week ago about drunk texting and how it can actually turn out to be beneficial. Well last weekendwas one personal example of how drunk texting can lead to… well, not what you wanted.

It all started at this bar in New York City, it was a friend’s birthday party so it was an open bar (there will be a follow up post on How to Manage Yourself in an Open Bar). Long story short, I drank a little too much and got a little “text-happy”. Next thing you know I’m glued to my cellphone just texting away. One important thing to realize, if a you’re drunk texting the opposite sex at a ridiculous hour, and he or she is replying and flirting back, he or she is most definitely drunk as well. I did not realize this…

Given my state of impaired judgment, I received a text to leave NYC and get on a train to somewhere in Westchester County. Believe me, it sounded like a great idea when your stumbling through Grand Central with cops eyeing your every move.

If you ever do this yourself, I advise you to call the person just to make sure that its cool that you’re coming to see them at 3 in the morning because its not fun waiting for a pissed off chick to come pick you up in the early hours of the morning and getting yelled at. The best part is explaining to her pissed off mother why you walked in with her daughter at 4:30 AM. I pretty much shat myself trying to make myself sound not as much of a dumbass as I already was.

All in all, have fun with your drunken texts, but think of them as those extremely flirty purity ring types. Huge cock tease, but no way your getting any of it. So have fun with it, but don’t pursue. Yes I did say that drunken thoughts are sober thoughts with a little more sexual content, but this doesn’t mean you act upon while you’re belligerent.

So next time you drunk text, say whatever the hell you want to your recipient, just make sure its them that’s taking the hour and a half train ride and not you.

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