So for those of you who regularly read College Party University, you might remember a post that I wrote a week ago about drunk texting and how it can actually turn out to be beneficial. Well last weekendwas one personaliphone 271x290 The Drunk Text | PART 2 :When Drunk Texting Goes Bad... example of how drunk texting can lead to… well, not what you wanted.

It all started at this bar in New York City, it was a friend’s birthday party so it was an open bar (there will be a follow up post on How to Manage Yourself in an Open Bar). Long story short, I drank a little too much and got a little “text-happy”. Next thing you know I’m glued to my cellphone just texting away. One important thing to realize, if a you’re drunk texting the opposite sex at a ridiculous hour, and he or she is replying and flirting back, he or she is most definitely drunk as well. I did not realize this…

Given my state of impaired judgment, I received a text to leave NYC and get on a train to somewhere in Westchester County. Believe me, it sounded like a great idea when your stumbling through Grand Central

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