The Drunkest States in the USA | Part 2

drunk usa mapGotten this far down the list and still looking for your state? You must be drunk right now. No this is not the drunkest dates list. You’ll probably make that list yourself later tonight. It’s going down. I’m yelling Tinder.


30. Minnesota
Standout stat: 1 bar per 5,271 residents
The Twin Cities are the ancestral home to tons of classic working-man brews, but the Land of 10,000 Lakes also boasts a few distilleries and nearly 50 wineries. Nice.

29. West Virginia
Standout stat: 1 bar per 4,051 residents
The country road will take you home, but only after you drive by about eleventy watering holes on the way there.

28. Texas
Standout stat: 275 wineries and vineyards
Lone Star, Pearl, Shiner, and many more iconic brews have roots here, but Texas picks up its big points in Hill Country, where an underappreciated wine industry has been thriving for generations.

27. Arizona
Standout stat: 1 brewery per 100,000 residents
There’re plenty of reasons to avoid Arizona (scorpion, meet shoe), but beer isn’t one of them. The Grand Canyon State’s got an incredible density of brewpubs & full-blown breweries like Four Peaks, Barrio, Sonoran, and more.

26. Delaware
Standout stat: 3.59 gallons of alcohol consumed per capita
Despite being the second-smallest state in the Union, Blue Hens are the second-biggest drinkers by per-person volume, which is kind of — strike that, completely insane. No wonder Dogfish Head is doing so well!

25. California
Standout stat: 3,674 wineries & vineyards and counting
The Bear Republic’s obvious claim to fame is its vineyards, and holy hell does it have a lot more of ’em than the rest of us (it outranks its nearest competitor, Washington, by about, oh, 2,700). But it also leads the country when it comes to booze’s economic impact, and houses some of the country’s favorite craft Meccas like Stone & Russian River, plus impossible-to-ignore international heavies like Anheuser-Busch.

24. Pennsylvania
Standout stat: 1 bar per 4,320 residents
Despite absolutely arcane beer-selling regulations — why with the six-packs & cases, guys? — PA actually turned in impressive numbers. Well done, sons & daughters of Penn!

23. Ohio
Standout stat: .9 craft breweries per 100,000 residents
“OH!? IO!” is something screamed incessantly by Buckeye Staters who’ve been drinking heavily. There was no way to work this into our statistical analysis, so we’re just telling you now.

22. Massachussetts
Standout stat: 1.2 craft breweries per 100,000 residents
The Commonwealth didn’t put up any stellar numbers, but it drank its way into a solid result in pretty much every category.

21. Illinois
Standout stat: 1 bar per 4,604 residents
Despite the fact that they close at stupid times, IL’s bar game is strong. Three underage exemptions and a sixth-overall economic impact kept it safely in the top 25.

20. Missouri
Standout stat: 1.1 craft breweries per 100,000 residents
The ancestral home of light beer also serves as America’s boozy epicenter, dividing the sober Southeast from the great sodden plains of the Midwest & Pac-Northwest.

19. New Hampshire
Standout stat: 4.65 gallons of alcohol consumed per capita
According to New England lore, the Granite State’s slogan was originally “Live free, die, or just drink everyone under the table”, but that didn’t fit on statehouse stationery. That’s not true, but this is: because of its comparatively low state liquor taxes, a big influx of frugal drinkers from surrounding states slightly pad NH’s sales stats.

18. Rhode Island
Standout stat: 1 bar for every 3,982 residents
Not only does Rhode Island have an impressive ratio of places for people to drink vs. people to drink in places — when they’re in those places, the average Ocean Stater mauls through hooch to the tune of 2.72 gallons annually.

17. Michigan
Standout stat: 109 wineries and vineyards
Solid stats all around, but MI pulled its high rank mostly thanks to its four underage exemptions and high number of vino producers.

16. Nebraska
Standout stat: Four underage exemptions
Again, nothing too fancy here — just plenty of loopholes for “cool” Moms.

15. Idaho
Standout stat: 3.1 breweries per 100,000 residents
With the 15th-most bars per capita and landing in a three-way tie for 10th-most gallons consumed, Idaho probably could’ve climbed even higher on this list if not for its zero — not a single one! — exceptions to underage drinking.

14. South Dakota
Standout stat: 2.76 gallons of alcohol consumed per capita
Low population, high drinkability. That’s the SoDak way.

13. New York
Standout stat: Last call at 4am in nearly every county
2,004 wineries and vineyards, 34 craft distilleries, a whopping $2 billion in craft brewery-related economic impacts, the third-largest population in the country, plus the nation’s highest concentration of substance-addled finance bros pounding vodka-sodas ’til last call?! Done deal.

12. Iowa
Standout stat: 1 bar per 3,118 residents
Alright Iowa!

11. North Dakota
Standout stat: 1 bar per 1,621 residents
Um… not only does NoDak dominate in bars-per-drinker, but it also landed third overall for gallons consumed. More mind-blowing: the Beer Institute calculates that NoDak residents drink just over a pint of beer a day on average. Whoa.

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