What is the Drunkest State in the Nation? – The Drunkest States Ranked

drunk usa bathing suitEver wonder which states drink the most? Well, the people over at Thrillist have been pondering this for a while and decided to do a study to find the answer. The numbers have been crunched, and this is what the team found. Let us know in the comments if you agree with their list!


50. Arkansas
Standout stat: 1.81 gallons of alcohol consumed per capita
The Natural State didn’t clock any worst-in-category numbers, but when you’re tied for second-lowest per-capita gallons consumed (1.81) and sell sauce six days a week… well, that dog just won’t hunt.

49. Mississippi
Standout stat: 0.2 craft breweries per 100,000 residents 21+
Two-tenths of a craft brewery per 100,000 people?! That’s the lowest ratio in the country. Turns out the Delta blues are just what every boozehound feels when visiting this forsaken place.

48. Alabama
Standout stat: 2 distilleries
Wait, does every Southern state just hate booze?

47. Utah
Standout stat: 1.37 gallons of alcohol consumed per capita
There we go! Look at those tee-totaling Mormons getting in on the bottom 10! Must be all those liquor laws!

46. Georgia
Standout stat: 1 bar per 21,812 residents
And… welcome back to the Southeast. The home state of Tip “T.I.” Harris and frat bros who wear fishing clothes as real clothes actually boasts a not-terrible number of craft distilleries (ten!). Unfortunately, it’s also tied for third-last in craft breweries and only drinks more gallons o’ hooch than eight other states.

45. Tennessee
Standout stat: Liquor stores only open six days a week
The Vols have been terrible for, like, ever at this point, but even consistent institutional failure hasn’t driven enough Tennesseans to drink.

44. Maryland
Standout stat: 1 bar per 10,136 residents
Gone are the glory days when Natty Boh was actually brewed in Baltimore (long, long gone). With a row of pedestrian numbers, the Old Bay State got dinged hard on its low underage-exception laws.

43. South Carolina
Standout stat: .6 craft breweries per 100,000 residents
And no sales on Sundays?! Charleston, consider seceding — but just from the state this time.

42. Oklahoma
Standout stat: 1.94 gallons of alcohol consumed per capita
Okhlahomans actually drink more alcohol per capita than a few other states, which, frankly, is better than we expected.

41. Florida
Standout stat: One underage exemption
Save Cigar City and a few others, Florida’s got a dreadful craft brewery scene for a big state — just 0.5 per 100,000 Floridians. Sure, Miami’s got bottle-popping pool parties, but the rest of the Sunshine State is hardly on the same page. Just one more reason to skip it on your next vacation.

40. New Jersey
Standout stat: 0.4 craft breweries per 100,000 residents
There’s no such thing as alcoholic pork roll (… yet), and without it The State We All Hate is a barren, boozeless wasteland, with roughly the same per-capita craft breweries as Alabama. Alabama! Six under-21 exemptions kept it from an embarrassing ranking, but beyond River Horse, there aren’t many real bright spots in the Garden State.

39. Virginia
Standout stat: 200+ wineries and vineyards
VA hosts an incredible number of wineries, and Stone Brewery having just selected Richmond as the location for its East Coast operations, Virginia’s booze future is looking sweet.

38. Hawaii
Standout stat: 38th in craft breweries per capita
Finally, a state ranking that’s impervious to the 50th state’s beauty. Take that, you laid-back bastards!

37. Kentucky
Standout stat: 1 bar per 13,321 residents
For all its liquor lore, (and being home to some of the best distilleries in the world), you’d think they’d have more bars per person than a place like Oklahoma (which is #42 on this list).

36. Kansas
Standout stat: 1.95 gallons of alcohol consumed per capita
Attention Kansans: drink more Tallgrass. Like, now.

35. North Carolina
Standout stat: Four underage exemptions
Hailed by beer geeks across the country as the next-next craft beer capital, Cackalacky’s 1.3 craft breweries per 100,000 includes both household names like Sierra Nevada (their Eastern seaboard facility sits in Fletcher) and prestige makers like Fullsteam, Highland, and Mother Earth. Don’t wait ’til Sunday morning to buy your tailgate liquor — sales don’t start ’til noon down here.

34. New Mexico
Standout stat: 2.1 breweries per 100,000
The desert heat means there’s really never a bad time to sip a refreshing adult beverage, which may be why Lobos crush about 2.36 gallons-worth every year.

33. Connecticut
Standout stat: $373,592,000 economic impact of craft beer
Annoying New England blue laws aside, the Constitution State’s got some decent wineries within its borders, plus Stratford’s somewhat-new neckbeard favorite, Two Roads Brewery.

32. Indiana
Standout stat: 73 wineries and vineyards
Hoosier bars have proven to be downright innovative when it comes to outsmarting drinking regulations.

31. Louisiana
Standout stat: 0.3 breweries per 100,000 residents
With producer numbers lower than Lake Pontchartrain in July, the Big Easy eked out this damn-respectable position by drinking 2.6 gallons per capita/year, and picked up big points off five (5!) underage exemptions. Plus, y’know… Bourbon Street.

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