The Good Samaritan – BE ONE! | Freshman Chronicles

Adjusting to Syracuse hasn’t been difficult at all, but the one thing that really irritates me in terms of the party scene is transportation – specifically the bus routes. One of my best friends liveson South and unless he’s there to direct me, I a lways seem to get totally lost trying to find the right apartment. This weekend, I was at South for a now-weekly party with said friend and a bunch of other really cool people, most who I’d met previously. The actual party was great, but once 2 am rolled around, I realized I had no idea howIwas getting back…and I was piss drunk, AND so was my friend. I didn’t want to invite myself to spend the night at his place [although, I’m pretty sure that, in my drunken state, I did end up asking…] but I didn’t have the money for a cab nor the coherence to navigate the bus system. It was at this moment that one of the girls I’d beentalking

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