The ‘Iron Man’ Effect | Gustavus Adolphus Partying

Iron man

We all have an infamous friend who thinks they can do anything when they are intoxicated. Those who are reserved and quiet come out of their shells and often fist pump their way to demolishing privatepropertylikeit is there job. I had a first hand experience this weekend as I watched a girl, thinking she could fly (superman style of course), launch herself off a 6ft retaining wall. Long story short, she didn’t think about how to land this impressive move. She walked, or should I say- was carried back to her house and later needed to go to the hospital forasprained foot. Doctors love these scenarios because they ALWAYS know that you were wasted and did something questionable. Especially when you come in with skinned knees and bruised elbows (something you shouldn’t see after the age of 10). The Iron Man friend is usually the most fun to party with, however, if you want to save them some pain and agony you may want to learn how to defuse the “parkour” stunts before they happen.

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