You want Chivalry?

Medieval knights fought, dueled and quested for the honor of women. The lengths these men would go to woo led young ladies to submit their love and “unflowered” flowers. Contrary to popular belief, many women appreciate and value chivalry; even as it exists in its modern form. Although it isn’t common to see men jousting in the 21st era—unless you work at Medieval Times— men still employ tactics to impress and fascinate women.

The most obvious being the way a man dresses. It was no coincidence the word “shining” was included in the princess’s description of her heroic savior. There is a really big crowd of women who like a man with shiny metal objects and the latest fiber optics because it is a sign of prosperity. At very least it shows her that you care about how others perceive you, and in turn that you care about yourself.


However, it’s about more than the garments one dons. Once a woman is able to see past the superficial, a chivalrous man has to offer something more than to sedate her visual appetite. Imagine how far the Shining Knight would get with a princess ifhe lacked the confidence and charisma to “sweep her off her feet.” Chivalrous men usually possess the conversational skills to captivate women intellectually and the physicals ones to entertain her…well, physically.

Think about it, if you aren’t good in the bedroom, most women will consider you as an “incomplete puzzle.” Sex is a big part of most romantic relationships and it is almost as important to women as it to men. I’m not saying chivalrous men have to be perfect, but they are expected to rescue women from the mundane— and mediocre sex is pretty mundane for most women. I know all men are not created with equal bedroom talents, but like in life, one must do what works best for him.

Perhaps the most common thing that medieval and modern men of chivalry share is gentlemanliness. A man gets so many brownie points for doing the simple things like opening doors and giving compliments when a woman is apparently trying to garner your attention. Some women don’t mind a guy trying to get into her pants as long as he treats her with respect and kindness. Matter of fact, if you do it right (the chivalry thing) she’ll want you to “deflower” her.

It is also wise to be cautious of how much of a gentleman you are. Men will never understand the female psyche but it appears that women don’t know what they want because a super nice guy typically gets run over by women. Most women like a man to tell her no from time to time and do things his way. Not only do some women enjoy a slight show of dominance but it is also a way to show that you are confident.

Being chivalrous isn’t always easy but like someone once told me “be a gentleman and hold doors for women. The view is better.”