The MOST important Tips Every College FEMALE Should Remember | College Advice

College girls have it the hardest. All their life their parents have told them what to do, and society holds a double standard against them. In college there are no parents, and the tendency is to act on impulse, make decisions

based on emotion, and instant gratification. At the same time college girls have to worry about staying safe. Freshman girls are targeted by upper classmen guys because they are new, and they are most likely to party the hardest. Good friends are a college girl’s best defense against doing things that will be regretted later.


College girls should notspenda lot of money on clothes

Just because celebrities spend a lot of money on their clothes, does not mean a poor college girl has to. Check out our resource on celebrity fashion tips to help you dress like a celebrity for under $100.

Boyfriends and Getting Engaged

Having a boyfriend in college is great way to keep a good reputation. The last thing you want to do is get a reputation for being the girl that hooks up with everyone. At the same time maintaining a relationship in collge can be tough, there are lots of temptations and life changes that can put stress on a relationship. The important thing to remember is to try to relax and not let your emotions get the best of you.

Getting engaged is a big step, but if you really think you met that special someone and you and your boyfriend are comfortable talking about engagement, go to a site such as and build a ring that you like with him so he knows exactly the type of ring you are looking for. This way you know when he is ready to pop the question he will have a ring you love.

Don’t Cause Drama

Guys don’t think its cute when college girls try to fight, and some girls just plain suck. Be the better person and walk away, its better than having a beer dumped on your head. If you want to be invited back to the party again,keep your cool, and worry about the guys, not the girls.

What to wear to college parties

Every college or university is different so the best bet is to check with other college girls who are juniors or seniors that go to the types of parties you are going to. See what they wear but be prepared; depending on the type of party you are going to, outfits could vary significantly.

Never trust a guy the first night you meet him

College girls should be careful when they first meet new college guys. There are a handful of college guys out there who are only interested in one thing. They just want to sleep with you and add another number to their running total. Once the night is over, he will never see you again. Most of these types of guys don’t have the patience to wait a week or a month to sleep with you. If you are not sure if a guy really likes you, wait it out, if he splits, he is not the knight in shining armor you thought he was. If you are drinking when you meet him, you probably have your beer goggles on and don’t notice all the negative things he is doing.

How to Keep a Good Reputation

Waiting to have sex also helps with your reputation on campus. Some times the guys are all over the girls who sleep around, but give it a few weeks or months, and no guys will want to touch those types of girls because they will be old news. If you wait it out, and become more of a challenge, you will usually attract the higher quality guys. If you make the higher quality guys wait, you have a better chance of keeping them around, and saving your reputation. If you are really being tempted to sleep with a guy on the first night, and he is really charming you, get out there, grab a friend or two and leave. This is hard to do when that cutie is telling you everything you want to hear, but you will be glad later.