College guys have the world at their fingertips. No real responsibilities except for going to class and no parents telling them what to do. Some guys will sit in classrooms where 98% of the students arefemale. The college tipsadvice for new college students rodney dangerfield graduatio demotivational posters 1310161736 The MOST important Tips Every College MALE Should Remember | College Advice contained in this section includeFashion Tips for Guys, How to Talk to Girls and other tips below. The only things the college guy has to be concerned with are getting good grades, his health and his rep.


Join a fraternity, club or organization

College guys who are not involved in a school sport need to join a fraternity, club, or organization.Preferablyone with lots of girls, the hotter the better. Joining an organization is one of the best things you can do to become a “big man on campus”. This is the easiest way to meet college girls especially if you are a shy guy. This also helps you network with other college students to find out what parties are going on. The more people you know, the easier it will be to find good parties, and good parties have lots of college girls trying to have fun.

College guys should look for high girl to guy ratio situations

The average college guy usually does not realize college is the only time in his life where he will live near such a high number of single girls his age. Schools and majors vary within their ratio of girls to guys, and college guys who are education majors are the luckiest of them all. High girl to guy ratio means more girls and less competition. That is why joining a fraternity is usually a good move on campuses that are big on greek life. Fraternities interact, party, and do community service with sororities. Sororities are typically large groups of girls who want to meet guys, enough said.

College Guys Should Be Confident And Outgoing

College is a time where guys should try to really establish themselves. College guys should always be trying to meet new people, be

active and build confidence. When guys come to college they get a clean slate, everything that happened in high school is in the past, now is the time to establish who you are, who you want to be and where you want to go with your life. Be active and keep the mindset that just about anything is achievable in college. If you have an idea or want to do something ask around visit your student union building and try to figure out how you can make things happen. The more people you talk to and interact with the more confident you will be the rest of your life. Confidence helps you get jobs, talk to girlsand be more

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