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The Fiesta Frog team has been to hundreds of parties but none of these events have beenascrazyand rachet as the parties in Bushwick Brooklyn. Bushwick and North Brooklyn is known for its crazy warehouse underground “dirty raves” that sometimes last 10-24 hours. Stimulants such as Molly, Speed & Cocaine are just SOME of the drugs you will encounter on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night in Bushwick. Trust me there are “rachet raves” or “rachet parties” in your area.Share this post so everyone can find out!The music selection at these underground parties is usually trap, dirty house, UK Dubstep , Hip hop or just plain “boom boom” EDM. One of the craziest places in Bushwick is the Morgan . This venue has some of the craziest, rachetest and FUN parties the Fiesta Frog teamhas

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