“Princeton Review” and Top Party Schools : Should You Believe Them? | Party College Rankings

Why would you believe the Princeton Review as far as the college party goes?! (–___–) , Do those editors look like the typeParty Rankings of people who party and rage all the time? NO! They do not party hard, nordothey go to the college parties at the schools they review. I believe they should stay a week at each college and college party hard. Each party they go to should be graded on : Quality of Guys, Quality of Girls, Drink Availability, Energy , Hookup difficulty( how many hookups achieved out of 10 attempts) and how many differentpartiesare happening on any given night. Each College should be broken down into one average based on those 6 scores and then scored out of 100. This is how you grade a party school and this is how it should always be done.However, it seems that the people at the Princeton Review don’t know what a party school is. Im pretty happy they graded Syracuse University a 12, but I want to know why Syracuse is a 12. College Prowler does a much better job of grading colleges, including the party schools with the best college parties.

Obviously¬†the editors at College Prowler know what a college party consist of and have been to many college parties.The point of this blog post is to tell you not to believe what the Princeton Review tells you about the ” Top Party Schools”. They have no experience in the field of the College Party and they do not party. Like seriously, their name is the “Princeton Review” LMFAO. They sound like a bunch of Princeton dudes who wear monocles and use this ( Click here) for fun.