The Reality of the Fake Giants Fans | Super Bowl Day After

Congrats to the New York Giants for winning the 2012 super bowl and much happiness to only the REAL Giants fans. Yes! ONLY to the REAL Giants fans. Lately, I have notice that people think they are “cooler” or they “fit in” better because of their habitual “hopping on the bandwagon” or choosing the “right” side.  Here is some news for you FAKE fan, there is no right side, there is only the side you want to win.  Some of these people handle the Super Bowl situation as if they are roulette gambling on either black or red and will win the prize of “coolest band wagoner” in the world.   In other words these same people think they are “cooler” just because they are the temporary fans of the winning team. Honestly, last night ( super bowl Sunday), I never saw that many fans for a single team in my life time. Everyone was either a Giants fan or a Patriots fan! It’s understandable if you are rooting for your city, but if your from Ohio and you are rooting for the Giants when you dont watch football, you should never be allowed in a New York City bar again.  It is also shocking that last night, EVERYONE was a football fan or magically transformed into one , especially the girls who don’t even know what an “offsides call” is ! Twitter and Facebook was booming with die hard fans every second of the game. Where were these “die hard fans” during the season? If you are one of these people, shame on you!  Be yourself, the Super Bowl is for either commercial watchers or REAL football fans. Don’t step out of your element and take sides with a team or sport you aren’t really a fan of.  What if someone gives you some friendly trivia about the sport or the team?  You will look like a fool and all will laugh at you!

Alternatively, I am very happy that I see a rise in the female interest for sports, mind you, sports was a “guy thing” not to long ago back when guys threw around footballs and girls played with dolls. However, that doesn’t matter and I think it is a great thing though.  I hate it with a passion when someone sides with a team just because the star player is cute or because of some crazy new they saw on TMZ.  When Kris Humphries married Kim Kardashian, there was a rise in the female  interest of the New Jersey Nets. Now that she divorced him and has slandered his name, the female interest of the New Jersey Nets has gone down like an Enron stock.  This is both stupid and amazingly FAKE.  Why would you be a fan of a sports team based on a player’s love life?  Does that sound logical at all? NO it does not, so drown yourself in shame if you have committed this crime.

The bottom line is that you should be a fan of a team because you like watching them during the season and you illegitimately hope they win every game. Don’t be a fan because you are trying to impress someone or just fit in.  Don’t be a fan because that team is your last resort and you have to root for something.  Don’t be a coward and dont be a follower.

By the way……. GO GIANTS LOL !!!!