The SUNY Cortland Petition to Ban Michael Vick Is Stupid

I’m not a fan of Michael Vick, though I always get a kick out of watching his highlights on Youtube. That being said, he’s on my favorite team now, and I hope that he can produce on the football field. To do that he’ll have to get practice reps in with the team. That can’t happen if he’s banned from the campus where the team practices.

This week, students at SUNY Cortland started a petition to have Michael Vick banned from their campus. As far as I’m concerned, the petition is nothing more than 18,724 (last I checked) people that have nothing going on in their lives. Michael Vick committed a crime, he went to jail for it, and he’s moving on with his life. That’s the way our Criminal Justice system is supposed to work, it appears to have worked given his multiple public apologies and work with the Humane Society. If you can’t accept that his debt is paid, then I’m forced assume that you hate America. Do you, hate America?

First off, I can guarantee that EVEN IF they get the signatures need, Michael Vick will be at practice at Cortland. Do you know why? Because people love money and the Jets pay to be there with ALL they’re players. Staying on the “people love money” idea, that’s what really pisses these people off; Michael Vick gets paid millions of dollars to play a game despite whatever atrocities they believe he may have committed. It’s not uncommon to hate on athletes, we make fun of them being mean-spirited or stupid in, just about, every film depicting high school. We depict them as brash and unable to control themselves, but then we act surprised when they don’t turn out to be the “role model” that children should look up to. If, you or your kid, needs to select their role models from the ranks of professional athletes, then you’re a shitty parent or you had shitty parents. He throws a football and can run, very, fast…the only thing to look up to, is the dedication and hard work that he put into acquiring expertise in a skill that nets him millions of dollars. We like to think that they’ll make the decisions that we’d want them to because they have “gifts” which we lack, but we can’t wait to tear them down– repeatedly– whenever they make an error. Don’t believe me? Go to a bar, take a seat at a stool during any game, and you will see people fluctuate between overjoyed and livid, in a way that would make you believe they were bipolar. The truth is that we don’t love our athletes, or celebrities, we’re politely jealous of them.

The petition states that he “has served a short sentence for bankrolling a dog-fighting conspiracy, but animal cruelty charges were dropped in return for his guilty plea.” Have you ever spent 19 months in prison? I haven’t, and wouldn’t want to spend a week in there, but I can imagine that it’s terrible. What crimes have YOU committed in the last five years petitioners? I bet, more than, a few of the people that signed the petition have driven drunk. That’s a crime that puts multiple people’s lives at risk based on one poor decision. For the petitioners that are students, you’re probably doing something illegal this weekend…the only difference is that your going to get away with it, and you’ll be allowed forget it ever happened in a few months except for a few pictures your friends have collected but will never post. I find it intriguing that you can summon sympathy for the dogs, but can find no empathy for another human being. FYI the other people involved got LESS time than Michael Vick.

The petition continues, “If we welcome Vick onto our campus, we are complicit in his crimes. We are sending the message that, for money and publicity, we will turn a blind eye to the horrors of dog-fighting. I don’t want to be that person”. How exactly would Cortland be complicit? The crime happened years ago…that’s not how complicity works. If I give a guy who got out of jail, a dollar on the subway, does that mean that I’m now complicit his crimes? I think most people understand that it doesn’t. Who’s turning a “blind eye” to dog-fighting? Thanks to Michael Vick’s recent efforts, and prosecution, the issue of dog-fighting is more visible than ever. You “don’t want to be that person”, but you’re okay with being a person that continues to attack someone for mistakes they made years ago?

If you signed the petition, I think that you’re just a bored person taking the opportunity to be part of a large group of assholes…but that’s just MY opinion, and you probably don’t care.

Good thing that it’s a small mistake, people will forget about it tomorrow.