The Top 6 Websites You Visit After Midnight

Here you are, you’re 18, you’re out on your own, you can finally do whatever you want! You have no rules! (Much like outback steakhouse.) What is the one thing you do with all this freedom? You waste away on the internet every day. However the only thing worse than your daytime internet surfing is your night time surfing which can in turn bring up some of the weirdest websites and some of the most interesting facts you will ever tell your family at dinner. And in honor of these nights well wasted me and bring you the top 6 websites you visit most often after midnight!

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1) Facebook: Easily known as the biggest time sink during the day, at night Facebook (much like Pokemon or anyone who believes in Darwinism) evolves into something so much worse. It becomes a creature that lives solely off of finding out “what that kid from art class is doing now” and “oh man are they still together?” It lives in the dark on moves in the shadows and has been known to only appear to the most lonely and bored.

2) Wikipedia: Here’s another scenario for you, you’re about to fall asleep and start to wonder whatThe Rock’s finisher was, obviously you type The Rock into your phone and siri (or pure human ingenuity) bring you to The Rock’s Wikipedia page, that’s when you find out that the move was called The Peoples Elbow, but you also find out that he costarred in Fast 5, and that brings you to the Vin Diesel page, whic

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