The Official Beer Pong Champion Beer Pong Rules

Beer_Pong_ChampionsIf you consider yourself to be a beer pong champion or ever plan pong casually at college parties, I suggest you act like you know what you are doing and follow the Beer Pong Champions’ official beerpong rule book. Here are the official beer pong rules for two versus two beer pong games:

1.) Drink before you shoot. This is a the most basic rule, and if you consider yourself a man, you do this. No one wants to see any of that pussy shit when you pour your full cup of beer back into the cups after the game. You playpongto get drunk, so drink your damn beer.If you catch anyone make a shot after not drinking their cup, it doesn’t count. Enforce this rule. If they complain, call them a pussy.2.) If the ball bounces back to you, you get a behind the back shot. None of that female left handed shot bullshit. You want women’s rights? Then shoot behind your back, bitch. Remember, though, you can’t let your feet go past the halfway point of the table when going to retrieve the ball.

3.) No fingering or blowing, save that for after the party ; )

4.) Satellite / Death cup. If you catch someone who did not drink before they shot, aim for the cup in their hand or on the table and end the game immediately. This is one of the biggest embarrassments in beer pong.

5.) If both teammates hit the last cup in regulation, the game is over.

6.) Rebuttal: If one team sinks the last cup, each person on the other team gets to shoot until he misses. On the rebuttal, if both team members make the last cup, their team gets to shoot first in overtime.

7.) One rack for six-cup and two racks for ten-cup. But, try to get as many racks in your face by the end of the party.

8.) Bounces = 2 cups

squanto_beer_pong9.) The almighty rule: Squanto. Some of you may know this as island cup, solo cup, or skill cup. The Beer Pong Champs refer to this holy cup as Squanto (God bless you Squanto for saving the Pilgrims). A Squanto cup is a cup that is not touching any other cups. The shooter mustcall

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