There’s A Marijuana Lube for Women That Causes 15-Minute Orgasms

Talk about Multi-Orgasmic tasking!

The beginning of the semester can be a busy time; registration, new teachers, sometimes new roommates that all cause stress. Fitting in all the time you need to relax with partying and sexing can be nearly impossible. Well a little something called Fiora just made some of this fun a little easier. A marijuana-based lubricant created by Mathew Gerson and the Aphrodite Group is designed to enhance the sexual experience. There are claims that is produces a 15 minute Climax!!!

I don’t know about you ladies but I can settle for a C grade fella if I am getting 15 minutes of bliss. Unfortunately, you need a doctor’s recommendation to get Fiora and it will set you back about 86 bucks. Also, it’s only available in California. You wanted to transfer to UCLA anyway. Clearly, California knows how to get this done.