This All Seems Familiar: Welcome To Sophomore Year | College Experience

So, you’ve completed the whole “fish out of water” experience of being a Freshman. You ran around campus building a reputation, good or bad, and people actually know who you are. The next challengeis what

to do with this newly gained reputation. If you’re a guy we all know what the plan is, hook up with freshman girls. Why Freshman girls you ask? I’m glad you did! To put it simply, they are the easiest group for sophomore guys to achieve success with. Sophomore girls have already been scooped up by your Junior friends. Juniors are too busy chasing other JuniorsandSeniors, and girls generally don’t go for younger guys. So, whether you knew her from your hometown or you happened to run into her while you were taking summer courses to “get ahead” a.k.a. you failed a course during the year, you have something that all Freshman covet; EXPERIENCE.Remember when you were a junior in high school and that really hot girlwas

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