When Is It Time To Upgrade? | #Technology

I try to be frugal with my money, I often question why people need to spend so much money, all the time, on pointless things. I also don’t understand why it’s necessary to constantly have the newest gadgets out there. This probably comes from the fact that I have no money, and maybe if I had money I’d be much more liberal with spending it all willy-nilly, but I digress. So when it comes to the matter of upgrading my technology I’m not always the first on the boat, I like for the kinks to be worked out. I like to knowthe money I scraped together from god knows where went to something that is going to last, that being said I’m also realistic when it comes to the choice of upgrading. As far as I’m concerned upgradingis a normal part of life, and everyone should do it. But everyone doesn’t do it. So here’s the deal kiddos, I am going to outline the times you should give in and just upgrade! If I mention something that reminds you of yourself or someone you love do everyone a favor and just let it happen. Let yourself join the rest of society in the 21stcentury.

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When Is It Time To Upgrade?

Music Players: Now you may be surprised by this statement if you’re a normal person but, it’s time to get rid of the Walkman’s and CD players. You’d look better carrying a giant boom box on your shoulders dressed like a B-Boy. I understand that your music collection is very important to you, but you should understand that being able too

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