Tomorrow World was Yesterday | Tips for a great EDM Festival Experience

Sadly, TomorrowWorld 2013 came to a close last night in Atlanta as Armin Van Buuren, the widely proclaimed/accepted King of Trance, finished off the main stage. He donned a “Los Pollos Hermanos” shirt,payinghomagetoanother epic finale taking place Sunday night; the series finale of Breaking Bad! Although this chapter has come to a close, there were many useful tips we’ve gathered over the weekend in Atlanta. A good amount of them were just plain common sense but it is still useful information. Especially, for those that have never been to a rave/festival/EDM (Electronic Dance Music) concert. Here a five tips for TomorrowWorld2014attendees–the 5-day immersive experience will be back next year; these five tips are useful for any festival you might attend!

Festival Tips From TomorrowWorld

1. Don’t Worry About What To Wear

When you walk around Dreamville, the tent village within TomorrowWorld’s grounds, or between TomorrowWorld stages, you’re likely to see people wearing outfits that your normal 9 to 5 workers would consider outrageous. These “costumes” consist of neon colors, ironic/funny t-shirts, damn-near nudity, and, of course, a bevy of tutus. The culture surrounding the TomorrowWorld festivities focuses on being inclusive. Most of the attendees take this to heart and makethemost of an environment where they can wear almost anything in their closets, without worrying about outside judgement. If you plan to attend TomorrowWorld, or any other festivals, in the future take this to heart. Wear whatever you want; wrap your head in flowers, cut a t-shirt to shreds and wear it like it’s freshest style, or break out those “brand new” vintage shorts; because it’s okay to get a little crazy. In the EDM community, more than most musical cultures, the emphasis on being yourself is tantamount. Express your individuality, and save the worries for Fashion Week.

2. Let Your Flag(s) Fly

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is just regaining a footing in the United States, evidenced by the emergence of multiple festivals in major cities, American DJs gaining popularity on the global scene, and the growth in attendance of American festivals by international audiences. Although TomorrowWorld is making it’s US debut, it’s an installment of the popular TomorrowLand festival held in Belgium, you can see flags from all over the world. Groups of people gather around other attendees who proudly wave the flags of their nations; they can be seen taking pictures, learning dance styles, and gaining an appreciation for other cultures. Not to be outdone, people coming from within the UScanbefound
covered in the American flag! Whether it’s sunglasses (guilty), shorts, spandex, flags, or t-shirts; it’s okay to rep your country, state, school, company…you name it. Just make it creative and keep that arm strength up!

3. Dont Be Afraid To Make A Friend Or Two

P.L.U.R. – Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. These are commonly referred to as “the four pillars” of the EDM community. You will find people that practice these principles at many festivals, and TomorrowWorld is no exception. Most people are willing to help you find your way, suggest new music, teach you to dance a bit, or even allow you– the dreaded bummed cigarette. Don’t be shy about talking to a people, they’ll likely greet you with a smile and offer you assistance. That goes across the spectrum–from grabbing you some water because you were foolish enough to not drink any all day, and can’t make it to the water refill station to something as simple as taking a photo of/with you because their/your costume is THAT awesome! At the same time, don’t be a creep about it! Just because people are friendly, doesn’t mean that want to go home with you. Or to your tent…I guess? Whatever, you know what I mean.

4. Hydrate…Carefully

Fiesta Frog Water Works Hydrate TomorrowWorld
Not sure if it’s just the heat in Atlanta, but hydration’s been made a focus pointduringTomorrowWorld, as it should be. It doesn’t take too much common sense to realize that dancing all day, and night, may cause you to become dehydrated. Add to drinking beer and alcohol to, which also dehydrates you, to that and you might be in trouble. It’s also about being careful to stave off the hazards of people “rolling”. You want to make sure that if you/your friends are doing something illegal, it’s at least being handled responsibly. Be an adult!

5. Put TomorrowWorld 2014 On You Calendar…Immediately

The spectacular 5-day experience of TomorrowWorld 2013 has, unfortunately, already come to a close. ID&T, the company that organized this event and many others such as MysteryLand, already has plans to bring the festival back for another installment in 2014. With that said, you should stay tuned for more information about when tickets go on sale, which artists are scheduled to perform, and what new plans are underway for next years show. Anyone who missed out on this unforgettable experience should re-evaluate the festivals they attend in the coming year, and save up. It’s best to stay on your toes because there are plenty of twenty-year olds that missed out on by a few months, and will want to make sure that they make it out for TomorrowWorld 2014.



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