How to Get Girls Easily – Hooking up in College

Getting girls numberTips for pulling girls at parties vary depending on what type of school you go to, the personalities of the chicas your pining after, and your personal overall demeanor. But these bits of advice belowareprettymuch a constant throughout so read them and if that’s too much effort watch my annoying face as I briefly describe the best ways to bring girls home!

  1. Be yourself- Stay true to your most defining characteristics because when you mask the most predominant things about yourself you can come across as phony, and trust me, no girl is interested in a dude with some cutout demeanor. Plus,uniquequalities, set us apart as individuals, the more individual the more memorable, the more memorable the more likely YOU are her next late-night text recipient.
  2. Adopt a cool crew- There is no better way to grab a girls attention then by being a part of the funnest crew in the room, so never think your boys work against your chances of getting laid! If they walk up to you and projectile vomit all over your potential hump buddy for the night then yeah shemight
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