Tips to Skip Class | Dee Lee Say’s F*ck Class

Skipping Class Fiesta FrogIf there is one thing that every college student has in common, it is waking up in the morning and thinking… fuck class. This feeling occurs the most when it is nice outside and everyone is day drinking.Who the fuck wants to be that loser going to class when everyones raging outside!? Well here are some tips on how to get out of class without getting on your teachers bad side.

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Tip #1 – LIE
Well no shit right? Whatever you do, DONT BEAFRAIDTO LIE. Lying the probably top 10 of our favorite things to do, whether youre willing to admit it or not. Everyone does it, so dont be a goody two shoes prude. Make up ANYTHING, there is an infinite amount of excuses that you can think up to make your teachers feel for you and maybe even over think the absence. But remember, try not mix it up because teachers are not retarded and they will know when your family member passes away twice in one semester, or if you have a tummy ache every week. Some of my personal favorites…

  • “Tonsilitis”
  • “doctors appointment”
  • “jobor
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