Today I learned: New York State Banned the Sale of Realistic Toy Guns

If you have ever lived in the State of New York, you’ll probably agree when I say that New York is a total nanny state. Furthermore, if you have ever had your own business in New York State, there’s not a doubt in my mind that you’re already well aware of the bullshit regulations that NYS likes to place on it’s [small] business owners. Being that my father has owned and operated his own hardware store for the last 30+ years, I want to apologize if I seem a little biased. And just to clear the air, I’m not bitter or “heated” over the fact that my pop’s can’t sling realistic looking plastic in his toy aisle. If anything, I just think it’s funny (and a little sad) that New York has spent the time and money to crack down on the sales of “realistic” looking cap guns. Granted, the NYPD might not have the greatest track record when it comes to shooting unarmed citizens,  but to take away a kid’s right to tote a cowboy cap gun? What the hell ever happened to having fun? Personally, I’m just thankful I grew up in a time where everything wasn’t so watered down.

 Imgur link for those of you who would like to see the letter to commissioner Hon. Jane S. Hoffman in regards to the “Halloween Costume Safety Tips PR” .


Parent’s living in NY can still buy their children cap guns, but the kids will probably get beat up for carrying such a ridiculous looking toy.



-Keith Morgan