Top 10 Colleges Whose Alumni Attempt to Cheat on Their Spouses

AshleyMadison, College, Cheating, is an adult dating website whose goal is to make cheating on your spouse easier than it’s ever been.

After polling their users, 10,350 members in total, and tracking which colleges they graduated from; they calculated the top 10 alma maters that had alums attempting to cheat on their spouses by using their services. Their information is based on the schools with the highest percentage of users on the website.

The top spot on this list belongs to the University of Minnesota, which has the highest percentage of alumni as users. The second and third highest percentage? Arizona State University, followed by the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Additional College Stats on Cheating Spouses:

  • The most common major amongst married people looking to date is psychology
  • 16.4% attended private universities
  • 23.1% maintained a 3.0 GPA or above
  • 53.3% lived on campus
  • 9.4% of cheaters surveyed only completed high school, while 12.2% obtained a degree from a junior/community college, and 23.3% have a Postgraduate Degree (Doctoral/Masters/Professional)

  • 10. University of Michigan (1.7%)Flickr:mrdonduck
  • 9. Texas A&M University (1.9%)
  • 8. University of Southern California (2.3%)
  • 7. University of Iowa (2.7%)
  • 6. Florida State University (3.1%)
  • 5. Ohio State University (3.8%)
  • 4. University of Maryland (5.2%)
  • 3. SUNY Buffalo (6.8%)
  • 2. Arizona State University (7.4%)
  • 1. University of Minnesota(7.8%)

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