The Best Drunk Characters of All Time|Drinking Buddies You Wish You Had

Throughout TV and Movie history, some characters will be forever known as being the best drunk characters of all time. With that being said, we’ve ranked and listed aforementioned characters below… How do you think we did?

01.) Jim Lahey (Trailer Park Boys):

Representing Sunnyvale Trailer Park, Jim Lahey tops our list as being the best drunk character of all time. To be fair, pretty much every character from TPB deserves a spot on the list. Unfortunately, I had to venture outside of Sunnyvale to compile it. In the words of Ricky Ravine, ‘Jim Lahey is a fuckin’ drunk and he always will be’.


02.) Adam, Blake, and Ders (Workaholics):

Are you tired of drinking alone? Well, moving in with these guys is obviously the solution to your problem. Unfortunately, that could never happen because they only have a 3 bedroom house or whatever. Granted, you could always sleep on the couch, but nobody likes a couch dweller. Regardless, being boys with the Workaholics crew would be baller as fug.


03.) Frank “The Tank” Ricard (Old School):

Frank The Tank might be terrible at rounding up a group of people to go streaking with, but that doesn’t diminish from the fact that the dude’s a partymachine. Not
onlydoes Frank posses superhuman drinking capabilities, but the man can take a fucking dart in the neck like a champion. Needless to say, Frank “The Tank” Ricard is one of those drinking buddies you wish you had.



04.) Ted (Ted the Movie):

If puppies can make panties drop, just imagine what a talking teddy bear could accomplish. Not to mention, aforementioned teddy bear can drink, smoke, and dry hump… Pretty much the best wing man ever.


05.) Donny Berger (That’s My Boy):

Donny Berger might not win any awards for being dad of the year, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the guy is straight oozing confidence. Even before this movie, Adam Sandler already seemed like a guy that you would like to drink a beer with. More over, Sandler’s role as Donny Berger seriously makes for one of the best drunk characters of all time.


06.) Steve Stifler (American Pie Series):

Stifler might be the one man who can be held responsible for way over hyping high school expectations. I don’t know about you, but I went into high school thinking that it was going to be a very similar experience as to what was portrayed in American Pie. Obviously, I couldn’t have been more disappointed. Regardless, we grew up watching Stifler swear, drink, and fuck his way into becoming a pop culture icon. This list wouldn’t be accurate without the presence of the old Stifmeister.


07.) Kenny Powers (Eastbound and Down):

No one can describe the awesomeness of Kenny Powers, quite as well as Kenny Powers. To quote the man himself, Kenny Powers has “the glory, the fame, the money, the jewels, the cash, the Denali. Gettin’ drunk on the reg, fuckin good times on the reg, yachts on the reg, sex on the reg. Basically, all the shit that most men fantasize about”.

08.) John Beckwith & Jeremy Grey (Wedding Crashers):

Some of the best moments that you’ll ever experience can probably be chalked up as being the byproduct of some wedding or another. With that being said, getting in on the action known as “wedding crashing” wouldn’t be the worst idea ever. And, who better to embark on that journey with other than the legends themselves; John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey?

09.) The Gang: (Always Sunny in Philadelphia):

A list of the best drunk characters of all time would not be complete unless I included “The Gang” from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Not only do they have their own bar, but just about every life decision they make is greatly influenced by the amount of alcohol they’ve consumed. In the end, they’d probably end up stabbing you in the back. Although, when it was all said and done, it was probably worth it.

10.) Roger Smith (American Dad):

Roger Smith is seriously one of the greatest animated characters of all time. He’s charming, funny, a master of disguise, and he’s a total alcoholic. Aside from his morning booze, Roger Smith brings a lot to the table, and I for one feel as though he has earned his spot on this list.


-Keith Morgan