Top 10 Marijuana Colleges | Potheads | College Rankings

Yes, weed is apart of the college scene. At every college, there is someone that smokes weed. Even if its a military school, there is SOMEONE that smokes weed. You cannot tell me any different! Somehow, we came accross a list of the schools with the most potheads in it. Princeton Review has done the research and has probably smoked a few blunts with representatives in these schools. These schools probably have the dopest weed also. Here is the list!

The List:

    1. University of California – Santa Cruz
    2. Eckerd College
    3. Bard College
    4. University of Vermont
    5. Skidmore College
    6. University of Colorado –Boulder
    7. Colorado College
    8. Hampshire College
    9. University of California – Santa Barbara
    10. Ithaca College


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