10 Signs That Tell A Woman Her Man Is Cheating

Temptation is a bitch. Even after you have made it official with some amazing young lady, it is easy for you to have the occasional lapse in judgment. A quick glance is harmless, but once you and someattractivebrunette’s eyes lock after a few drinks, how willing will you be to turn her advances down if she approached you?

Temptation is a big “no-no” when you’re involved with someone but both sexes can succumb to the pressures of it. In fact, women can be more skilled at infidelity than men. Women are usually more adept at hiding evidence, emotions and somehow sexual energy.When men start cheating on their significant other the signs are much more pronounced and apparent. Sometimes men can be blatantly obvious with their creepin’ and wonder how they got caught.

<p class=”MsoNormal”>(There’s a difference between choosing to get caught and getting caught because you’re a jackshit.)

To assist those of male-kind who have yet to see the errors in their ways, here are the top reasons why men get caught cheating.

cheating neglect 10. Neglect: if you stop wanting to be under your “sugarfoot” every 20 seconds, she will definitely start noticing. It is true that eventually a couple will stop wanting to be around eachother all the time, but if you fail to give her whatever amount of attention she desires you will not be around long. Women smell neglect from a mile away and it is usually the first sign of man cheating.

cheating fake gym 9. Taking trips to the gym: If you don’t go to work out regularly, then it is a red flag to a woman when you randomly start on a summer’s day. Most women assume that you are trying to beef up to get attention from other women or to keep the attention of a new love interest. Although this may not always be the case, if it’s true in a woman’s head then that is all it needs to be true in reality (In a woman’s mind, you are guilty until you are proven more guilty).

<p class="MsoNormal" style=”text-align: center”>guys night cheating8. Saying you’re hanging with the guys: Bro time is sacred time in a man’s world. Our compatriots are our only escape from the whims of women. But if your main excuse to go out late at night is “I’m going out with the homies” then you will draw your woman’s suspicion. Most women know that late nights are usually “sex” time—which is usually pretty high on a man’s list of things to do.

cheating working late 7. Working late: The ancient overused, over clichéd excuse of a cheating man. In these economically trying times it may be more

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