Top 100 Party Schools 2013-2014 | Ranks #80-#60


You are probably praying that your Alma mater is in at least the top 50 on the top party schools list. Your degree may not be doing much else for you, as a lot of recent graduates can not find a job. You took out student loan for the five years of fun and learning at the fine institution you attended. You just consolidated your student loans and are considering student loan forbearance because you cannot get a job with your business degree. Should you go deeper into debt for an MBA or a Law degree? Who cares if you have to sell the annuity payment you got as a gift for graduation since you’re unemployed. If your school made it to the top party school list, at least you got something for all of that money!

80      Western Kentucky University
79 University of California, Santa Cruz
78 Villanova University
77 University of Scranton
76 West Chester University of Pennsylvania
75 UniversityofSouthCarolina,Columbia
74 University of Idaho
73 Alabama A & M University
72 SUNY College at Oswego
71 Vanderbilt University
70 Elon University
69 Trinity College
68 Central Michigan University
67 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
66 Fitchburg State College
65   Radford University
64 Auburn University Main Campus
63 Texas Tech University
62 University of Maine
61 University of Massachusetts, Amherst
60 University of Mississippi Main Campus


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