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 Top 20 College Events in the US | College Parties

Top 20 College Events in the Country

  1. Mardi Gras, Tulane University
  2. Little 500 Week, Indiana University
  3. Mifflin Street Block Party, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  4. Mirror Lake Jump, Ohio State University
  5. State Pattys Day, Penn State University
  6. Undie Run, Arizona State University
  7. Spring Fling, The University of Pennsylvania
  8. 420, University of Colorado
  9. Palmer Fest, Ohio University
  10. Round Up, The University of Texas at Austin
  11. Marathon Monday, Boston University
  12. Deltopia, University of Santa Barbara
  13. Kegs and Eggs, University at Albany
  14. Spring Weekend, The University of Connecticut
  15. QuadFest, Radford University
  16. Unofficial , University of Illinois
  17. Veisha, Iowa State
  18. Wheeler Street Block Party, Western Illinois University
  19. Dolphy Day, Le Moyne College
  20. Slope Day, Cornell University

Now, to answer some questions that are probably puzzling you.

Q1: How did Tulane University come out on top?
A: Mardi Gras in New Orleans… ’nuff said.
Q2: Radford University… really?
A: Other than Quadfest, Jayma Mays is one of the only things that Radford University can be proud of… But who the fuck watches Glee anyways?
Q3: Wasn’t UAlbany known f



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