Top 20 Party Schools 2013-2014 | Fiesta Frog

Here are the top 20 party schools of 2013-2014. Comment if your school made the top 20!

20 University of Tennessee
19 Ohio University, Main Campus
18 University of Alabama
17 UniversityofMichigan
16 UniversityofColorado at Boulder
15 Depauw Univerisity
14 California State University, Chico
13 Indiana University, Bloomington
12 University of Texas at Austin
11 Pennsylvania State University, Penn State Main Campus
10 University of Florida
9 University of Iowa
8 Louisiana State University
7 Syracuse University
6 University of Wisconsin, Madison
5 University of California, Santa Barbara
4 University of Miami
3 West Virginia University
2 Arizona State University
1 Florida State University

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