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It looks like Campus Grotto and Princeton Review has had the worst times visiting these colleges. These schools do sound lame though! I now know not to visit these lame schools.


If you go to these schools, you may not be having the greatest time. You can think about what the possibilities would have been if you went to one of the 25 Sexiest Campuses in the USA. You should also plan a trip to spend a night at one of the Top 50 College Bars in the country! If your school is on this list, please, defend it in the comments if you feel it is wrongly on the list. Here is the dreaded list of the 20 worst party schools with the worst school at the top:

  1. BYU
  2. Wheaton College (Illinois)
  3. U.S. Coast Guard Academy
  4. U.S. Air Force Academy
  5. Wesleyan College
  6. College of the Ozarks
  7. U.S. Naval Academy
  8. U.S. Military Academy
  9. Calvin College
  10. Thomas Aquinas College
  11. Grove City College
  12. Wellesley College
  13. Mills College
  14. Marywood University
  15. Berea College College
  16. Cal State – Stanislaus
  17. CUNY Queens
  18. Mount Holyoke College
  19. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
  20. Agnes Scott College

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