Top 25 Sexiest Campuses in the USA 2015 | Hottest Student Body
Princess Javel

@PrincessJavel of Syracuse University (Instagram/Twitter)

You ever wonder which colleges had the most eye candy to gawk at? Well, the people over at *The Daily Beast* did, and they were kind enough to “scientifically” generate a list of the 25 Best Looking Colleges in America. Other than just averaging the overall attractiveness of the students, The Daily Beast also took scenic beauty into consideration as well. So, if you’re disappointed that your school didn’t make the cut, don’t go blaming your parents’ DNA just yet. Who knows? Maybe you’re not the ugly one, but your school is… hey, what ever helps you sleep at night.


Click on the school of your choice to find out where the parties are in that area… who knows? Maybe you’ll party with some hot chicks for a change!

If your school is on this list, you should be honored! Comment your thoughts below the list.

25 College of William and Mary
24 Pepperdine University
23 Elon University
22 Ohio State University
21 Texas Christian University (TCU)
20 University of Central Florida
19 University of Arizona
18 The University of Texas at Austin
17 Stanford University
16 Texas Tech University
15 Auburn University
14 University of Virginia
13 University of California-Santa Barbara
12 University of Kentucky
11 Loyola Mary mount University
10 Emory University
9 University of North Carolina
8 University of Georgia
7 Syracuse University
6 Arizona State University

Top 5 Sexiest Schools & Explanations