5 Amazing Apartment Incentives

Once you are finally comfortable in your living space, the last thing you want to do is move. But, like change, moving and changing living situations is almost guaranteed in life. Besides do you always want to live at home forever or in a one room dorm? In life, we move as our life develops. As one moves through life’s stages, he also gets to move to different locations. Most of these places are improvements each time one relocates but when you have to move in a smaller place or move back home, it’s usually so you can plan a bigger move eventually.

Moving is tedious and annoying but it’s unavoidable at times. To make your relocation options easier to decide upon (or to get your rent money), landowners have devised incentives in this age of economic instability. Like people these incentives aren’t created equal and some are better than others. Here is my list of the best incentives available in most real estate markets.

5. Cash: It’s always hard to turn down money. You can look for various apartments in many places, but I bet that you will consider the one that offered you money back; no matter how bad of a place it is. Even though the sum of the cash isn’t usually really significant, it’s more than you had two minutes ago. The economy is still recovering… and so is you wallet.

4. Gift cards: Don’t you feel like a winner when you get a gift card? It doesn’t even matter if it’s to the store going out business down the street. But most gift cards awarded by landlords are to places that would be beneficial to you. Usually the amounts on gift cards are more than cash rewards and very least you could sell the card if you can’t find any use for it.

3. Free Flat screen: Well not free, but it’s included with the apartment. You can’t take it with you when you move (although I’ve tried before, don’t ask). Flat screen TVs are still pretty expensive and the larger ones are almost the cost of rent. A 45 inch TV is much better than watching movies on your computer via Netflicks. Also you can make your place to be for Sunday football games with the guys.

2. Waived First month/security deposit: Sometimes—most of the time— you move at the last minute, in which case a waived fee is the best incentive. It allows you a little breathing room while you get your act together and get acquainted with a new lifestyle. This is usually the sign of a desperate landowner and this is your opportunity to take advantage of a person who is taking advantage of poor, unsuspecting young people for ages.

1. Utilities included: Nothing beats having your utilities added in your rent. That is unless it’s almost the same cost as if you didn’t. But the price of conveniency would be better than having to go through different outlets to pay water, electric and gas bills. This incentive will save you loads of cash over the long haul and is very rare to find; especially at really nice places.