Top 5 on-campus College Jobs to Have


Working a minimal wage job is a lot of things, but it isn’t fun. It, usually, means having to put forth strenuous amounts physical labor, standing on your feet, clocking in long hours when you could be (not) studying for a math exam or having your primary tasks be all the things you loathe doing in life.

At times it feels that most part-time jobs are forms of punishment than places of employment. Waking up in the morning itself can be a chore if you hate the place you have to collect change from. But this is why we attend college, so you don’t have to work a part-time job for the rest of your adult life.

<In the meantime, however, you have an apartment that needs its rent paid. You decided to take the high road and not sleep on your best friend’s sofa, but with that decision comes financial responsibility. If you value your privacy or general happiness, it’s time for you to get your first (or next) college job!

To assist you in your search, here’s a list of the five best on campus jobs you can(not) get.

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5. Tutor- Tutoring is perfect for people who are really competent in a particular academic subject and can deal with students. People skills are really underplayed in this job, because dealing with the guy “who just can’t get it” is more frustrating to me than watching paint dry. If you happen to be an excellent writer then you should check out your school’s writing center because editing papers sure beats calling alumni begging for money.

campus jobs

4. Arena/Stadium – If you land a job working in your college’s local sports arena, chances are you like sports. For a person who likes sports, what is a better college job? Even if you are on the writing or grunt work part of arena logistics, at least you get to be in an atmosphere you enjoy. If your shift is during a game, maybe you could sneak away and catch a few minutes of it. It’s college, who cares.

3. Janitorial/maintenance- My very first job in college was working in the residence halls. This is probably the most underrated job on the list. It is nowhere near the type of job you would expect it to be. My first day, all that was required of me was to sweep the front lobby and vacuum the hallways. After I had completed that I spent the rest of time wondering around the building, getting “lost” until my shift was over. The funny thing about my first day was that it was almost exactly identical to almost every day I’ve work there. This is probably why I kept working there.

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2. Office/clerical- Although women typically work (and get most of the jobs) in this field, it can be just as rewarding for a guy once he sees how easy it is. Seriously, desk jobs ar
e easy and tolerable when you are doing them just part-time. Also being in college gives you the automatic sympathy card, no one on campus will make you do things that are overtly difficult. Also the hours are really flexible, so a wise person would get a clerical job in the building one spends the most time in.

on campus jobs

1. A job in your field- All of the previous jobs may be easier to do than a job in your field (it depends) but nothing could pay off more. If you are journalism major and you start working for your school newspaper, it will probably the most demanding job you have had. However, the long nights and extra assignments you took will pay off because you have relevant experience to put on a resume’. If you are pursuing a job in sales, it would obviously be more beneficial to work in the sales department of your school’s athletic program than to work at Starbucks.