Top 5 Reasons To Check Out FlopSports: The New Way to Play Fantasy Sports

fs logoFantasy sports have exploded in the past several years, with sports fans of all ages joining leagues hosted on various platforms so they can compete against their friends and family and prove, once and for all (er… at least this season) who is the fantasy master. For those of us looking for a new way to watch our favorite sports while enjoying the thrill of competing against our buddies throughout the season, FlopSports is definitely an awesome platform for to try. Here are the top 5 reason why you and your friends should check out FlopSports:

  1. There’s nothing else like it: Sure you can browse all the new and different features that all the various other fantasy sports sites have, but none of them are like FlopSports. Why, you ask? Well, every other fantasy league is about picking a lineup of players you expect to perform well throughout the season. The better they play, the more points you earn, and the closer you get to proving your fantasy sports dominance. In FlopSports, though, the opposite is true. As the name suggests, you fill your lineup with players you expect to flop, or make mistakes, during their games. The more they screw up, themore points you get. Every time Norris Cole misses a clutch shot, instead of screaming at your television you can cheer as your points add up. It’s a whole new way to enjoy the game. Sure, your favorite team might be losing, but as long as the players screwing up the most are on your FlopSports lineup, you can still win!
  2. Win Cash Money: In its current iteration, FlopSports has been hosting bi-weekly NBA tournaments, one every Wednesday and Friday, to coincide with the games. After you sign up you join one of the tournaments and then pick your lineup. You choose two players for every position plus a center. If your lineup screws up the most during that evening’s games, you can win a cash prize. It’s that simple. And…
  3. It’s Free: At least for now. As part of the company’s promotion, all users can join tournaments without putting any money towards the pot. FlopSports is literally giving money away to the winning lineup. So there’s absolutely nothing to lose. thunder1
  4. Put Your Knowledge to the Test: As we mentioned, this is a totally new way to do fantasy sports. While other fantasy sites reward you for picking the best players, FlopSports rewards those who can predict flops, failures, and underperformers. I bet you could name the top 10 best players in the NBA right now off the top of your head. What about the top 10 worst? And sometimes the great players have terrible games. Can you predict when they’ll miss their shots? Do they play better at home or away? Do they have a particularly tough game coming up? Are they under a lot of pressure? If you can guess when players who usually play well have terrible games, you get even more points. So this is a brand new way to test your sports knowledge.
  5. lebron1Play Often: Right now FlopSports is hosting tournaments twice a week for the remainder of the NBA season. Unlike other fantasy sports leagues where you only get your reward at the end of all the games, FlopSports lets you win cash prizes after every tournament. That adds up after a while. No longer do you have to wait for the end of the season to be crowned king. The title of king rotates twice a week, so nobody’s safe for long. But if you can get a real streak going, there’s no way anyone can question your supremacy.

Go to and sign up for their next tournament. It’s free, so there’s nothing to lose except the opportunity to show off your sports knowledge, add a whole new experience to the games you watch, and win when your lineup loses. So what are you waiting for? May the best loser win!