Top 50 Easiest College to Get Laid at | 30-10

Getting laid in college

Here is # 30 -10 of the list. If your school is not in this section, it is probably in the top 10. Spread the word if your school is in the top 10. Trust us, all the incoming freshman will be thankful.

30Radford University
29East Carolina University
28University of Delaware
27Wesleyan University
26Ohio State University
25Central Michigan University
24Northwestern University
23University of Florida
22Depauw University
21University of Wisconsin - Madison
20University of Oregon
19University of Colorado - Boulder
18UC- Santa Barbara
17University of Southern California
16Penn State University (PSU)
15University of Arizona (U of A)
14Tulane University
13University of Alabama (BAMA)
12University of Michigan
11Syracuse University (SU)

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