Top 50 Easiest Colleges To Get Laid At in 2015

Getting laid in CollegeLet’s be honest, the time you spend in college is going to increase your chances of having sex…a lot. You’ve got a bunch of horny college students rushing to crowded bars, super-sized fraternity parties, or the nearest house with a keg and “Cards Against Humanity.” Simply put, some colleges make it ridiculously easy for student to hook up. It could be the dorm situation, having a campus in a large city, or — in the case of a couple Philly schools — being in close proximity to several other colleges.

There are schools like Wesleyan University and Vassar College where coed bathrooms are a very real thing. At Rutgers University and Oberlin College, you can actually live in a coed dorm room!  If you can’t get laid in college, chances are that you’re going to be virgin for the rest of your life…but maybe that’s your plan? No judgement.

Check out the top 50 colleges where students have an easier time getting laid than you. Who knows…maybe, there’s still time to transfer?
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Zappa knew the deal!

50University of Pennsylvania (PENN)
49San Diego State University (SDSU)
48University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
47Vassar College
46University of Pittsburgh
45Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)
44University of South Carolina
43Emory University
42Boston College (BC)
41West Virgina University (WVU)
40College of Charleston
39Towson University
38Rutger's University
37University of Iowa
36Indiana University - Bloomington
35University of Georgia
34University of Notre Dame
33Temple University
32University of Virgina
31University of South Florida

See Schools #30 – 11

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