Top 50 Marijuana Schools of 2013 | Weed Colleges and Universities 420 Edition

top marijuana collegesIts 420 season and everyone wants to know what the Top Marijuana Schools of 2013 are, so we created a ranking based on several factors. We took into account; interviews with students and alumni, how thestudentsat these schools typically celebrate 4/20, several previous rankings of Marijuana friendly schools, and polled students and users. In addition, we got some advice from the homies at I’m Shmacked (video below), who have visited several of these blaze oases, and the dudes at Bro Bible, who know the drill about puffing hard. There are a some schools that you may recognizeasblaze universities because of their historic association with the sacred flower. There are also several surprises that you may not traditionally think of as marijuana schools.

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Check out the Top 50 Marijuana schools of 2013 below

50. University of Miami (FL)

49. Ohio University Main Campus

48. San Diego State University

47. University of South Dakota

46. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Main Campus

45. Colgate University

44. University of New Hampshire, Main Campus

43. Ohio State University

42. University of Alabama

41. Texas State University, San Marcos

40. University of Virginia, Main Campus

39. Tulane University

38. Grinell College

37. Bucknell University

36. Colorado College

35.Brown University

34. University of Florida

33. Lewis & Clark College

32. Humboldt State

31.University of Nevada, Las Vegas

30. New College of Florida

29. University of Wisconsin, Madison

28. Green Mountain College

27. Wesleyan University – Is it any wonder, that admitted students revisit on the weekend of 4/20? Fact.

26. Umass–Amherst – The Cannabis Reform Coalition usually throws a bash labeled as a “marijuana freedom festival”. Sounds like a good time!

25. Hampshire CollegeIf you don’t know how why they make the list, just check out a little old school SNL.

24. Ithaca College – Who at this school, isn’t blazing? Seriously, name one?

23. New York University – Congrats NYU, I hear there’s been murmurs about decriminalizing marijuana in NYC. Meet you in the park?

22. Colorado State University – It’s legal, so legal…

21. Guilford College – Historically, one of the most “weed friendly” schools, and they stick around to make the top half of our list.

20. Temple University – Who’s got a Philly? Do they do that in Philly?

19. Arizona State – They PARTY! But sometimes you need a way to calm down after an awesome night.

18. Pennsylvania State University – Massive, just a massive group of people blazing out. If you’ve ever been here for it, you know what’s good.

17. Bard College

16. Reed College

15. University of Arizona

14. Sarah Lawrence College

13. Washington State University

12. University of Oregon

11. UC Berkeley – It’s the People’s Park Celebration! Last year, more than 1,000 came out to support their love of weed, dancing, and food.

10. Warren Wilson College – Farm House, duh. Caught a trucker out of Philly and had a nice long toke at the drum circle.

9. Michigan State University – Spartans, what is your profession? Apparently, taking huge bong rips to celebrate 4/20?

8. Skidmore College – Skidmore students need to be mentioned near the top of any 4/20 ranking. These students do 4/20 proud. Bring’s a tear to my eye, and a cough to my mouth.

7. Eckerd College

6. University of Michigan – A little thing called “Hash Bash”, happens here every year (drawing thousands to indulge in some of finest grass east of California).

5. University of Vermont – This school handles 4/20 the way it was meant to be…chill, dude.

4. West Virginia University

3. University of California–Santa Barbara – Everyone here takes advantage of both the warm weather, and the lenience of the law. Smoking out, this school on 4/20, is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend 4 years…or a lifetime.

2. University of Colorado-Boulder – Smoke Out? Way to be subtle! Last year 10,000 students and residents came out to Norlin Quad for traditional bong rips.

1. University of California–Santa Cruz -UC Santa Cruz mascot is a banana slug, chosen for its “docile and peaceful” nature. If that doesn’t scream Marijuana connoisseur, I don’t know what does. To quote some UC Santa Cruz alumni, “If you say that marijuana should remain illegal, we might stage a protest against you in Porter Meadow but we’ll probably be too high to notice that you said anything”. Speaking of Porter Meadow, every 4/20, roughly 5,000 people come out to celebrate national pot smoking day.

Did your school make the list? Was it ranked too low? Let us know in the comments!

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