Top Five Pets to Own in College

Sometimes you can get quite lonely as a student in college. You aren’t always surrounded by the relatives or even individuals you like and trust. People are constantly coming and going as part of the revolving door policy of the college experience. Some people have kids to fill an emotional void and to keep themselves entertained in life. But for a college student this can be quite expensive and counterproductive to one’s success. A pet can be a short term investment and a learning experience before one actual has children of his own.

Not every pet is adequate for college life, but here are five that fit a student’s lifestyle.

1. Dogs: Man’s best friend. Dogs are loyal, energetic and outgoing. If you have a pup, even better. Women love a guy who can provide the tender love and care that is required to raise a puppy. I have friends who have scored with women because of their cute canine companions. While dogs aren’t known for raising themselves, they are very social creatures and will return your positive (and negative) input. However, most apartment complexes have pet fees for dogs because they can be “messy” if you don’t clean up after them. Dogs are also very athletic creatures and most require a significant amount of running space. If you have a sufficient amount of room, a dog would be the best investment for most pet lovers.

2. Cats: Unlike dogs, cats don’t need a lot of space. They also aren’t as social but that can be a positive. You may be the type that doesn’t want something that is going to bark and hump everything that comes across its path; especially your new hot crush. Despite the belief that animals don’t have emotions, cats can be both moody and nonchalant. At times, you may forget who is the owner when dealing with felines because cats behave in manners that appear self-gratifying and selfish. If you aren’t benefiting your friend with nine lives, they often disappear until you are filling up the kitty bowl with treats.

3. Iguanas: Reptiles are cool—and mostly cold blooded. This is the macho choice for pets in the animal world. Iguanas are head strong and can take a while to tame. However, when a relationship is established, it is hard to separate it from its owner. You will find yourself taking your reptilian friend with you everywhere; including parties where other pets would be too big to fit in.

4. Fish: The ultimate pet to have if you’re a college student on the go. Fish are very easy to take care of and they require less attention than most pets. Most aquarium pets simply need fresh water, adequate food and enough room to swim about. A swanky aquarium can add to the atmosphere of your pad. In college you may not be able to afford a top notch swimming pool for the ladies to admire but a well-designed aquarium can distract people from the reality of your otherwise messy apartment.

5. Hamsters- The cutest of the domestic animals. How can anyone hate the adorable cousin of the common mouse? While you won’t be winning any testosterone contests with a hamster, but you can relate more with the girl next door who has a gerbil since she was in grade school.