Top 20 College Party & House Party Themes

college party themesA college party theme can bring some life to a fiesta. We all know that the point of going to a college party or house party is to get fucked up, go home, and get wet. However, making the journey to that end point different than your everyday kegger can be fun. Here are a list of some house party themes or college party themes that can make your night more interesting and the girls look sexier than usual:


1.) CEO’s and Corporate Hoes: Guys wear suits, girls wear sexy secretary attire.

2.) ABC Party – ANYTHING BUT CLOTHES – This is a great party.You have to come up with some alternative way of concealing your sexual organs that are not traditional clothes. Wrap yourself in caution tape, wear a trash bag, make a suit out of empty 30 racks, or do something else creative.3.) Stoplight Party: Wear green if you are single, yellow if its complicated, and red if you’re in a relationship. The ultimate goal of this party is to go home with a girl dressed in red.
4.) World Tour Party: Make each room in the house a different country or continent. The room should be decorated like that region and should have alcoholic beverages that are usually served in that region. Tell your friends to dress like people from a certain country and bring the alcohol that is popular in that country.

5.) Cops and Robbers Party: Everyone dresses like cops and robbers. Bring handcuffs to get the party extra riskay.

6.) iPod Party: Everyone brings their own iPod and headphones and bumps their favorite music. Be sure to video tape this party. The sight of everyone dancing with no music is crazy. You get to hear all of the sounds that are usually drowned out by the music.

7.) Toga Party: This party needs no explanation, but is one of the most epic types of college parties to throw. Watch Animal House before this party to get extra hype and remember to play Shout by Little Richard:


8.)Arabian Nights: Dress up as some Arabic, Aladdin-like characters. Remember to smoke hookah at this party and lots of hashish.

9.) Guess Who Party: Dress like one of your friends. Try to figure out who everyone is dressed as.

10.) Underwear Party: Everyone has to wear their underwear at this party. Don’t let anyone in the door who is not in their undies. Make them strip down if they want to come in.

11.) Masquerade Party: Dress like the ball in The Man in the Iron Mask. Just look out for evil twin brothers.

12.) Seven Deadly Sins Party: Dress up like one of the seven deadly sins; lust, greed, gluttony, pride, sloth, wrath, or envy.

13.) Jello or Pudding Wresting Party: This is pretty self-explanatory. Can also be done with baby oil.

14.) Sharpie/Graffiti Party: Everyone wears a white t-shirt to this party. Buy lots of Sharpies and write on everyone’s shirts. Wake up the next day and check out what you were tagged with.

15.) 80’s Party: Dress like you are from the 80’s.

16.) Beach Party: Dress like you are going to the beach. Make sure the girls wear bikinis. If you don’t give a fuck about your house or have pledges to clean it up, cover the floor with sand.

17.) High School Stereotype Party: Dress as a high school stereotype: the jock, the geek, the cheerleader, the bully, the band kid, etc.

18.) Heaven or Hell Party: Dress as a devil or an angel. If you are throwing the party and want to be creative, make the basement hell, the ground floor earth (or purgatory), and the upstairs heaven.

19.) Olympics Party: Choose your favorite Olympic sport and dress like a competitor in that sport.

20.) Beer Before Liquor Party: Get a few kegs and a dozen handles (or more depending on the amount of people). No one is allowed to drink the liquor until all of the kegs are kicked.

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