College: Top Late Night Food Options

There is more to life than the three major meals. If eating was strictly confined to breakfast, lunch and dinner, humans would probably be very unhappy creatures. People love freedom, especially the freedom of choice. Sometimes you don’t want a full 3-course meal, a simple chicken wrap would suffice. The most satisfying edible opportunities often happen outside of the “big 3” because snacks can put you over until the next real meal. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I often get the most hungry right before bedtime. The time between dinner and breakfast is daunting and sometimes inefficient if your just going to get hungry in between. There are plenty of places to eat at late hours of the night (or early morning), but here are five places you’ll find hard not to frequent.

Taco Bell


The holy grail of late night foods, hence it’s fourth meal slogan. Taco Bell’s menu consists of foods that are cold and hit, soft and hard and chewy versus crunchy. The amount of variety it offers can be mind boggling and you can find yourself in the drive through for hours if you are indecisive.

Suggested meal: Volcano Tacos or Fruitista Freeze on thosehot nights.



My favoritered-headedlady.Although she doesn’t cook the food, Wendy’s items are fresh and delicious. Most fast food places forgo the fresh part and focus on the fast part of “fast food.” Wendy may be slightly more expensive than most options but you taste buds won’t regret it.

Sugg. meal: Spicy chicken sandwich or for a cheap option, value chicken nuggets

Steak N Shake


Great burgers and great shakes. Even though the quality of its services have diminished since it added drive throughs, it is still a top late night choice.
Sugg. meal: any of the $4 meals… Plus a turtle pecan milkshake



If you are hungry, there is no way to get food quicker (unless you personally microwave it). Good ole McD’s will give you exactly what you expect (unless you actually believe the commercials) and will prepare it in a swift manner. There are plenty 24 hour locations and the earliest the drive through closes is 2 am.
Sugg. meal- McGangBang: a mcChicken on top of a mcDouble… Your welcome!

Dunkin’ Donuts


Sometimes you don’t want heavy food, and a simple menu of pastries will appease you. There are also Baskin Robbins connected to most DDs so you can have the best of the frozen and breakfast- like worlds.
Sugg. meal: frappacino and a strawberry frosted donut.

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