Top Party Schools 2014- 2015 Preview & Vote

It’s almost that time of year — the silly, and borderline OD, time when blogs start releasing their “top college party schools lists” to try to create some kind of hype, but have you ever thought, “How many of these ‘creators’ know what they’re talking about!?” And better yet, “How many of them have actually BEEN to these campuses? Do these bloggers party at all the colleges in the nation, while taking down some serious notes on the party environment of College A vs. University B? There are only two teams who do this: Fiesta Frog blog team, and I’m Shmacked. This is a heated issue — we’re all willing to compete to the very end to claim the title of the Best Partiers — so the FF team created a secret algorithm, the College Party Ranking Algorithm (CPRA) that we exclusively use to rank the 100 best partiers. Currently, we’ve racked up 80,000 votes for our Top 100 Party Schools lists. We’re working on ranking every school in the nation! So get off your ass (or stay sitting down, who cares — all you need is your finger) and let your voice be heard where it really counts: voting for the top party school in the nation. Tell yourfriends! Do they have friends? Good. Tell them, too because your school will need all the help it can get to top the list.

Aren’t you tired of the bullshit lists? Good so vote!


(e-mail addresses are used for voter confirmation and to help make sure that there aren’t multiple votes per person)



(These are some of the schools that are making the biggest jump on the list or making it onto the list for the first time. This list is not in any order – this is why the votes count the most at this point)

1) NYU – New York University 2) Depauw University 3) Chico State 4) Pace 5) Rutgers University 6) Upenn 7) University of Michigan 8) Syracuse University 9) University of Georgia 10) Columbia University

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