Top Party school

As college students across the country begin to makes plans for putting the finishing touches on their Summer vacations, they turn their minds back to the coming school year. Of course, one of the first questions they want answered is: what are the Top Party Schools in the nation?

Don’t worry, Fiesta Frog’s editorial team does most of the work for you. We sit down each year to rank the top party schools in the country. After thorough research, student interviews, input from users, and of course the thousands and thousands of votes from our loyal readers; we’ve managed to sort out which schools should make the top party schools list.

Top party schools are very important to the average freshman. Who doesn’t want to have fun when getting an education. Just because some students go to a top party colleges does not mean they go to academically inferior school. It just means you will have a better time in college than the average person who does not go to a top party school or college. Life is short and college life on average is only 4-5 years long, so experience the great events and nightlife that a party school has to offer. There is no reason why you can not have fun at the university or college of your choice. After all, going to college may be a very expensive decision!

Here are the top party colleges & universities in the country. (The next 20 party schools and universities are on the next page):

Rank School Support
100 Miami University, Oxford
99 University of Louisiana at Lafayette
98 SUNY College at Plattsburgh
97 Eastern Kentucky University
96 University of South Dakota
95 Kenyon College
94 Bucknell University
93 Juniata College
92 Minnesota State Unversity, Mankato
91 Appalachian State University
90 Gustavus Adolphus College
89 Villanova University
88 Monmouth University
87 University of Nevada, Las Vegas
86 Humboldt State University
85 Western Kentucky University
84 Oklahoma State University, Main Campus
83 University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
82 University of Scranton
81 Coastal Carolina University
80 Clemson University

Top Party Schools #80 – #60