Top 20 Party Colleges & Universities 2014 – 2015 | Top 20 Party Schools

Fiesta Frog Top 100 Party School Pt2 You’ve already seen the rest of our top 100 ranked party schools for this year. Below, are the 20 best party schools in the country! These are the schools that have turned their social scene into a MAJOR reason for any high school senior to apply. Maybe some schools get a bad wrap for how much they manage to party, but we know that it’s mostly jealous haters. The students at these top 20 best party schools know that it’s important to crack a book AND crack a few beers, or shot, maybe even jungle juice! Congrats to the colleges and universities that made our list this year. To everyone else, step your game up. Here are the top 20 party colleges & universities in the country:

RankSchoolChangeVote for Your School
20Ohio University, Main Campus1 ↓
19University of Tennessee1 ↑
18University of Alabama
17University of Michigan
16California State University, Chico2 ↓
15Indiana University, Bloomington2 ↓
14Depauw University1 ↑
13University of Texas at Austin1 ↓
12University of Florida2 ↓
11Penn State Main Campus
10University of Wisconsin, Madison4 ↓
9University of Colorado at Boulder7 ↑
8University of Miami4 ↓
7Louisiana State University1 ↑
6University of Iowa3 ↑
5Florida State University4 ↓
4Syracuse University3 ↑
3Arizona State University1 ↓
2West Virginia University1 ↑
1University of California, Santa Barbara4 ↑

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