Top Party Schools Released Syracuse Takes #12 Spot | College Parties

Earlier in the week Princeton review released its ranking of the top party schools in the United States. Tops honors went to Ohio University…I’ve never heard of it either, but apparently, that’s cause I wasn’t cool enough to be
invited to party out there. To see more of the list you can check it out here. In an amazing turn of events Princeton Review has ranked Syracuse University as the #12 Party school this year. A lot of people are surprised that a school that boast such a chilling climate, and snowstorms reminiscent of Fargo, could party themselves to a top twenty position.Obviouslythese people don’t have any idea what happens at Syracuse when the cold drives these collegians indoors. The only question now is whether the assent was triggered by Upperclassmen that left, meaning a fall from the top, or if the Underclassmen are planning to make a home on the list? Perhaps this is signaling that Mayfest is going to be reborn!