Top Party Schools in the West US | College Rankings 2014

Fiesta Frog decided to take a closer look at its 2013 Top 100 Party School list and do a little bit of analysis. We wanted to find out which region of the country has the most party schools. So, we took our list, and categorized each school into one of four regions: Northeast, South, Midwest, and West.

Does the West really have the least amount of party schools? Check out which region in the US has the most party schools here!

11 University of Nevada, Las Vegas
10 Humboldt State University
9 University of California, Santa Cruz
8 Washington State University
7 San Diego State University
6 University of Southern California
5 University of Arizona
4 UniversityofColorado at Boulder
3 California State University, Chico
2 University of California, Santa Barbara
1 Arizona State University

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