Top summer wardrobe essentials for a college man

Wearing clothes can be a hassle if you’re a man. If we could we would wear our birthday suits as often as if everyday was our birthday. As a man, you could sport an overbearing beer-belly or washboard six pack abs; either way, in some form or another most men have justified being comfortable in their own skin. But before you decide to show your appreciation for the body God has blessed you with by going streaking with your high school football teammates; DON’T DO IT! It’s still illegal to be butt-ass naked in public (but not in the comfort of your home… yet).

It’s the summer time, so clothes can be worn minimally. However, you don’t want to be the scantily clad guy. For that matter, you also don’t want to the lame that wears a sweater vest in 80-degree weather just to be “fashionable”. Summer fashion for a man can be as simple as most men usually look. Here are five must-have clothing items for the right summer time look.

Henley- A simple but refined look. It’s a long sleeve tee-shirt with buttons on the collar; what else could say I’m a laid back gentleman better? Although it’s a long sleeve shirt (usually), it still a lightweight option and can be worn with shorts.

Raglan/Baseball Tee- No, this shirt won’t make you look like Derek Jeter nor will it give you his skills. However, it is a look I’m sure he would approve of… back in his college days. Despite being a relaxed look, it adds more character to an outfit than a plain tee. This is also a top that can be worn with shorts and pants interchangeably. Think of the raglan as the graphic tee’s more interesting younger cousin. The raglan is usually the one that gets all the attention at parties.

Chino Shorts- The summer reign of the cargo shorts have been coup d’etat by the much more classy look of chino shorts. Men who wear cargos usually make sure to utilize the many pockets that come equipped with the shorts. If those pockets aren’t filled with stacks upon stacks of dollar bills, then it isn’t the right utilization that will attract women. You will probably look like a nerd or a handy man; either way, it isn’t how you want to present yourself. Chinos allow you an alternative to stuffy, unbreathable pants in hot weather. Chinos also are very diverse and can be worn with virtually any top.

Boatshoe– Before you reach for your thong-sandals, grab yourself some “yacht sneakers”. Boatshoes are a mix between casual, dress and sometimes dress shoes. The great thing about these shoes is that you can wear them with almost every bottom imaginable. It is the summer time, so you’ll be diversifying your fashion statements quite a bit.

Five-panel hat- Most hats are meant to be protectors of the sun in the sweltering heat. While five-panels do this well, they also can be worn with a variety of styles. Summer is about trying looks you couldn’t in other season, the five panel will be the hat you wear with almost every look and style.